Why Have a selling system?

Join us on September 15, 2014 to discover:

  • What's holding your salespeople back.

  • How to duplicate success and find red flags fast.

  • A sales process that provides four predictable outcomes.

  • How to build a culture of accountability and growth.


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 photo 59e34fae-5199-439b-afdd-7c6b4176ece1.jpg Stop hiring sales people who look good on paper, but don't perform. Hiring sales people is unlike hiring for any other position in a company.  Read more...

Change The Way You Buy, Change The Way You Sell

Would you believe me if I told you that the way you sell is directly related to the way you buy? Well, it’s true! We accept from others what we accept from ourselves. Read more...

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Check Your Emotions

L'areal's Favorite Sandler Rule

Who are We?

Acuity Systems, Inc. is a Sandler Training Company based in Dallas, Texas. We will be committed to the growth of your company, will you?


Mon 08/04

Core Skills - Cast of Characters

Mon 08/04

Foundations - Up Front Contracts

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Core Skills - Art of Negotiating

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