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Quote "My life has changed since joining Acuity System. I have been in the same industry for over eight years and felt there was not much room for growth. Within the first 90 days of joining the program, my monthly sales increased by over 30%. As soon as I started applying the skills I learned with Acuity Systems, results began to happen. I'm now earning an income that I once thought couldn't be obtained -- and I feel like I'm just getting started!" Quote

DALE RAYMAN Regional Vice President, RSI, Inc.

ten signs your expectations are too low

1. Your sales people don't have goals. Not quotas-- things they would like to accomplish, do, or buy.

2. You consistently hear good reasons why your salespeople don't hit their numbers. i.e. the economy, the competition, price, budgets, etc.

3. Very few sales people leave or get terminated, and the ones who do leave are the good ones.

4. Considerably less than 85% of your (or your sales manager's) time is spent supervising, training, coaching, and   mentoring sales people.

5. Your sales people aren't held accountable to acceptable levels of activity on a daily/weekly basis.

6. If you were to rate your sales people as Quitters, Campers, or Climbers.... Most of them fall into the category of Campers.

7. Your pipeline is never as full as it looks.

8. Your sales people consistently have to reduce price to close the deal.

9. If asked what's your sales process, everyone would have different answers.

10. New sales people rarely live up to your expectations.

Sales Effectiveness Survey - a PDF survey that allows you to evaluate your Skills, Staff, Structure, and Strategy from a Sales Perspective.

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