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Quote "I have worked with Tom for the past seven years, and he continually and successfully trains our staff of salespeople making Fuji the most successful graphic arts company." Quote

John Meyer, Training Manager, Fuji Photo Film, USA

 Andy Jaeger


Andy Jaeger, Marketing Assistant

Andy has grown up in various parts of the North Texas area, having experienced both the city and country lifestyles. Half-German, he has traveled Europe many times with his father and brother gaining valuable experience in different cultures.

“First, you have to convince yourself you're the leader before you can go out and convince others.” - Marketing Warfare

This quote has helped Andy in various walks of life during his senior year at the University of North Texas. During his time at UNT, Andy studied Advertising and Marketing. Andy’s leadership in group projects and presentations has propelled him to new heights and is an eager and outgoing individual.

Andy is a cultured, unique, exciting individual. He has a passion for advertising as well as social media and web based movements. He has received a tremendous amount of insightful education from The Nationally Accredited University of North Texas' Mayborn School of Journalism. He also is very up-to-date and ahead of the times in effective Social Media and Marketing practices.
Andreas presently handles the majority of the Social Media and marketing communications at Acuity Systems, Inc.

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